Articles published in the SouthWest Sage, the newsletter of SouthWest Writers:

Louis L’Amour Saved My Life

When I was twenty-one, I discovered Louis L’amour’s Sitka. That phenomenal piece of literature bore me on a magic carpet of woven words, away from the turmoil that was my life.

The Good Fight

What are the options available to writers who would be thrilled just to have our work out there, and hopefully, being read?


More Writing Samples:

The Flower Pot

The students I taught in the small village of Los Lunas, New Mexico, not only tested my teaching skills, they touched my life in ways unlike anything I have ever before experienced. Especially one.

3 thoughts on “Articles”

  1. Hi Olive,

    This is the not-yet-retired librarian you met at your talk at the Special Collections LIbrary in Albuquerque a little over a week ago. I wanted to thank you again for the copy of ‘An Arm and a Leg.’ I read it in one sitting yesterday and really enjoyed it. You have quite a talent for creating characters. I felt a bit sorry Larry – I kept hoping he would give up on the obsession for ‘His Beauty’ and hide away in the unsanitary shed in Mountainair…

    Anyway, I am sorry I am posting this in the wrong spot – I couldn’t figure out a different way to contact you and I don’t do ‘social media.’

    I look forward to reading another suspense novel of yours!


  2. not only am I human, but your Captcha for today is my birthday number!

    Just read your article about the English language. Loved it! I hava always prided myself in my knowledge of English (I had two of the toughtest English teachers in my high school. However, I never thought of creating my own language. Your delightd\ful piece has given me an inspiration.

    My 5 year-old granddaughter “speaks” to a special friend in words none of us can understand. One day I might be able to translate them. That might finally make me a published author. In the meantime, I’ll continue to write my poems and short stories in “proper” English.


    David E.

    1. Hello David. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article! Glad you enjoyed it.
      Good luck on your writing – and hug your granddaughter for me. She sounds amazingly creative.
      Peace to you as well,
      Olive Balla

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