Life Lesson No. 9: Dreams

I don’t mean dreams we have during the night, I mean goals. Life goals.

From the time we’re old enough to listen, we hear people talking about how important it is to our happiness and fulfillment to follow our dreams. Sounds good. But what’s often left out is how that works – the operative verb here being “work.”

Elementary school children are petted and told they can be anything they want to be. Anything. They’re blank slates. They’re smart, talented, gifted. They have everything going for them, etc. So they grow up thinking something wonderful will happen to them along life’s pathway, and they’ll just at some point BECOME what they want to be. Everything will magically flow to them.

Not true in my world. Following my dreams has meant years of schooling beyond high school, years of trial and error jobs, and hundreds of hours spent honing my chosen craft over nearly two decades. It has meant thousands of dollars in tuition, hundreds spent on books and conferences. And I still haven’t achieved my dream.

But another important dream-chasing verb is “persevere.”  So, I do.

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