A Barr-ahge of Verbi-ahge

At what reading level should one strive to write? As an educator, I was trained to keep everything at about sixth to eighth grade level. Otherwise, too many people will be unable to read with the desired level of comprehension. So does that mean I need to dumb down what I write? How do I feel about having to do that in order to attract a broad readership?

I love the English language. I love the sound of it, the feel of it on my tongue, the visual of individual letters as well as completed words as they pop onto the monitor of my PC. I love the cerebral rush when the language is spoken with authority. If I must restrict my writing to primarily words of two syllables or less, I feel like I’ve moved into the strata I call “The Ho-Hum of Blah Blah.”

But if I allow myself the joy of hammering away on all the bars of my English language glockenspiel, I might not only enjoy a healthy readership, but I might actually have fun writing. And if I can’t enjoy it, why bother?

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