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Olive Balla
Olive Balla

Olive Balla is the author of three suspense novels “An Arm and a Leg”, “Jillie”, and “Code Murder”, published by The Wild Rose Press. Her fourth novel “Murder in Amber” is coming soon.

Code Murder

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In the binary world, coding can get you killed.

Feisty sixty-year-old twins Dix and Lil Ruiz share a house, but little else. When Dix witnesses the murder of a software-coding guru known for exposing cyber-crime, she is determined to find the killers while her sister warns against getting involved. Suddenly catapulted into a feud between a crew of cold-blooded cybercriminals and a mob boss, the twins must fight for their lives. But how can they survive when both sides want them dead?

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After weeks of abuse, eleven-year-old Jillie Ross escapes the vicious relatives who threaten to flush away her beloved sister’s ashes unless she leads them to her dead father’s rumored treasure. Intent on finding her sibling’s ashes and honor them along with their parents’ remains, the feisty orphan must not only endure harsh weather, escape a stalker, and hide from the police, but must elude the family members who want her dead.

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An Arm And A Leg

An Arm and a Leg cover

Albuquerque divorcee Frankie O’Neil dreams of having a normal life, although the fact that she hoards food and hears the voices of dead relatives makes her life anything but normal. When Frankie’s brother is shot minutes after leaving a package in her freezer, the police suspect her of being a cannibalistic serial killer. She must clear her name by finding the real murderers. But based on a death threat left beside a strangled bird on her front porch, a speeding car intent on running her down, and a narrow escape from her firebombed home…time is running out.

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